by Anatoly ZUBAREV, Dr. Sc. (Med.), Director of the Research and Practical Center for Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation, ZASHCHITA (Protection) National Center of Medicine of Disasters, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation; Viktor SHCHEBLANOV, Dr. Sc. (Biol.), Head of the Laboratory of Psychophysiological Support BIOFIZIKA (Biophysics) Institute, the same Ministry The majority of people know since childhood that pulse, which we can feel and count, shows heartbeat. Today it is difficult to find anyone who does not know how a cardiogram looks. But few of our contemporaries know what ancient Christian theologists and Chinese Daocism theorists thought and said about the heart. We know little about the new therapeutic methods used for protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation, surrounding a man everywhere and having a negative impact on heart work. This and many other things can be found in the book Heart Images. Complementary Cardiology by Alexander Bogdanov, Dr. Sc. (Med.), (Moscow, Mir Publishers, 2007). стр. 94 The central idea of the book is a thesis postulating that qualitative changes in scientific knowledge are preceded by a long period of empirical data accumulation. This process is permanent, now on, now off. Alexander Bogdanov emphasizes that interdisciplinary studies, aimed at the choice of philosophy, which can serve as a common methodological base for the synthesis of this or that new outlook, acquire special importance in the days of rapid development of special sciences. It was not by chance that an integrated direction - synergetics - emerged, formed, and rapidly won overall recognition at the beginning of the 1960s. Hermann Haken, a well-known German scientist from Stuttgart Institute of Theoretical Physics and Synergetics, is considered to be the founder of this trend. This science in general determines the rules detecting the order in supercomplex systems, to which the ... Читать далее
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