D. FAYZULLAYEV, Candidate of Economic Sciences Throughout almost the entire period of its existence as an independent state, Uzbekistan has been striving to reform its own economic system in order to transition to the market. Significant financial resources are needed to meet this challenge. An important role in investment in Uzbekistan is played by funds of foreign corporations and foreign loans, which now reach almost a third of the total volume of fixed capital investments. In this regard, it is interesting to analyze how these funds are distributed by industry and region. Already in the first years of independence, the republic began to receive funds from the Commission of the European Communities through the TASIS program. These funds were intended to assist Uzbekistan in creating a market infrastructure, namely, to develop projects in the field of energy sector development, consultations in the oil and gas industry, food production and distribution, as well as to support farmers, small and medium-sized enterprises, transport, etc. In general, TASIS experts developed 30 projects with a deadline of implementation takes 1-2 years. Under this program, Uzbekistan received $ 18 million in 1992. ECU, in 1993-1994 - 15.7 million euro. ECU 1 . THE LAW AS AN INCENTIVE TO CREATE A JOINT VENTURE The development and implementation of legislation on foreign investment, primarily the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Foreign Investment and Guarantees of foreign Investors 'Activities" dated May 5, 1994.2 became a definite incentive for the creation of new joint ventures (JVs), as it significantly improved the conditions for placing foreign investments in the republic. In 1993, there were 895 registered joint ventures in Uzbekistan, including 234 active ones. In 1993, with the direct participation of the State Property Committee of the Republic, 15 joint ventures were formed in Uzbekistan with foreign partners from the USA, Italy, South Korea, Turkey and other countries. U ... Читать далее

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